Antenatal Clinic

Friday afternoon - Patients are seen by the midwife at the clinic by appointment and also by the doctors during surgery times.

Minor Surgery

Dr Young along with a practice nurse carries out minor surgery.

Minor Illness Clinic

Sister Lorna MacBean runs a daily minor illness clinic. She is able to assess patients with ailments such as earache, sore throat etc which need to be dealt with urgently on the day. Please ask at reception for further details.

Non NHS Examinations

The doctors are happy to carry out medicals, eg insurance and driving licence by appointment. Please telephone the surgery for an appointment; the receptionist can advise on any charges payable.

Travel Immunisation/Vaccinations

Please make an appointment at least eight weeks in advance of your holidays to ensure adequate cover. A charge will be made for certain immunisations and vaccinations which are not covered by the NHS. A list of these charges is held at reception.

Flu Vaccinations

An influenza vaccination is particularly recommended for patients over the age of 65, or who suffer with heart, lung, kidney or liver disease, diabetes and residents of nursing and rest homes. You will be invited to attend the Flu Vaccination Clinic sometime in October. If you are physically unable to attend the surgery a home visit may be arranged to undertake this facility.

Healthy Well-Woman/Cervical Cytology Smears

Cervical smear test - this is a simple test for all women. It is the only way of finding out if there are any changes in your cervix (neck of the womb) which may need treatment. There can be an infection or inflammation which is easily treatable. Small changes with no symptoms may occur which need to be treated as after several years they may go on to become cancer. The early changes are not cancer. The results will be sent to you by letter: over 90% of women have a negative result (the "all clear").

This simple test can be performed by any of the doctors, male or female, or the practice nurse; the choice is entirely up to you. Any of us would be happy to talk to you beforehand if you have any specific questions or worries regarding this test.