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Been asked to email photos? Posted or Updated on 20 Dec 2023

Here is our 10 step guide for taking the most helpful photos for our clinicians.

  1. Use best quality phone (or digital) camera you have- the higher the megapixels the better.
  2. When taking photos take several then edit.
  3. Make sure skin area is well lit.
  4. Try to always orientate the photos such that person’s head at top of image.
  5. Take a photo from a distance so that the lesion or rash has context (e.g. the whole of person’s back) then a mid-close up with an anatomical marker (e.g. navel).
  6. For close-up photos of lesion (e.g. a mole) try to take from 20cm away from skin - take two images from different angles keeping the lesion in centre of image.
  7. Place a ruler or tape next to lesion (if possible) so we have a sense of its size.
  8. If possible, place a solid neutral colour (e.g. a towel) in background.
  9. Disregard any poor images (e.g. out of focus), send only the best ones.
  10. You can send as JPEG or whatever format your phone/camera uses.

Please only send pictures if you have been requested to do so.

Email them to: (only monitored during working hours)